Board of Trustees & Officers

February 24, 2022

Lake Jane Estates Board of Trustees, Officers and additional positions – 2021-2022

 Main message phone is 253-863-1250, checked daily.


President – Anne-Marie Davidson

2022- President’s Responsibilities

Vice-President – Nichole Fisher

Treasurer – Laurie Albrecht

Secretary – Gloria Brain

Other Positions:

Assistant Treasurer- Melissa Gubbe – 253-891-0602

2019-Assistant Treasurer Responsibilities

Executive Secretary- Melissa Gubbe – 253-891-0602

2020- Assistant Secretary Responsibilities

Park Committee Members:

Laurie Albrecht

Gloria Brain

Ruth Rabdau

Pool Committee Members:

Michelle Chalcraft

Anna Loudenback

Debbie Epperson

Lake Committee Members:

Jeff Gubbe

Fred Wells

Shawnta Mulligan